INQUIRY 1,251   |    DATE : 2006-05-08
  Title :   Skydigital, Double 120mm Fan & Fan controller PC Case, ‘COUPE RX’

Power Digital Provider Skydigital provides ( PC case ‘COUPE RX’ has double 120mm fan and fan controller. 



COUPE RX focused on Cooling option for CPU, Graphic card and Hard disk which is getting hotter due to faster operation. There are two 120mm fans in the COUPE RX, 120mm back exhaust fans and 120mm fan for front intake. And there is each vent for CPU, Graphic card and Hard disk to emit a lot of heat.


Front 120mm fan


Rear 120mm fan


Also, double fan and controller can directly control system’s temperature. User have choices of lower noise or stronger cooling.


Dual Fan Controller



COUPE RX’ is similar to radiator in a car. Especially, chrome plating front Vent reminds stylish car ‘COUPE’.


Chrome plating Front Vent


Skydigital changed inside of case not just exterior. Special features are sliding 3.5” bay and structure of easy exchanging CPU cooler.


Skydigital addressed that “We designed exterior and interior for product differentiation with competitors. COUPE RX is substantial goods compare to other products consider only exterior design.



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